More Features

Beenode is not just a coin, it is an ecosystem created for the convenience of users.

Easy to Use

Additional services allow you to turn the use Beenode in an easy and pleasant task.

Best Solution

Beenode ecosystem is the best place for your investment.

Fast Support

The unique principle of the reward allows you to support and develop the project.

Goal setting

BeeNode is not just a coin that wants to compete with fiat money or bitcoin for a start, we strive for another: to create and develop our own ecosystem with the widest functionality: from investment to the trading platform and payment processing. We don't want to displace fiat money, we just want to be useful.

The main tool for beenode users is wallet.

The wallet is available for macOS, Windows and Linux and has a mining function in addition to standard features. However, the power of the largest pool in our network has reached 5 gigahesh already and it is difficult for atomic manners to receive a reward regularly in their wallet — so it is better to join the pool.

Join the BeeNode community

The BeeNode project is unique in its approach to coin positioning in the market. the value of beenode is not purely speculative, but natural — cryptocurrency will be used by people, which will be the main incentive to increase the price for the coin on the exchanges. This will ensure investor returns and favorable mining miners using non-asic equipment, and farm cards.

Our Team Working behind the scenes

The BeeNode team consists of managers, financiers, programmers and other professionals who have achieved unrivaled heights in their professional fields. Each link of the team is an expert of international level, who is able to make the right decisions, leading the whole project to success.
It is a clear distribution of responsibilities that many projects lack, which is why they are stalled and do not take important steps forward. BeeNode excludes situations when any decision is postponed or not made due to the fact that the responsibilities are not distributed. We are absolutely sure that this approach is the only correct one in the dynamically developing market, which requires the project to make informed decisions at lightning speed.
The project BeeNode, as well as the entire ecosystem of coins, performs an important mission for the global community, developing and promoting cryptocurrencies, therefore, the emphasis in our work we do on the product and not on their personalities. Our successes and the tremendous work done speak for us.


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