In order for the cryptocurrency to develop and be popular not only as a speculative asset, but also as a means of payment, it is necessary that the following theses are correct:

  • Everyone can buy cryptocurrency without hindrance;
  • In cryptocurrency investing individuals and large investors;
  • Stores should take cryptocurrency;
  • Buyers and sellers know how and where to pay with cryptocurrency.

All these four theses are practically inapplicable to the majority of cryptocurrencies, because most of the projects did not have such ambitions and plans as BeeNode. The ecosystem, which is built around the coin, will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, attract large investors to the industry, create trading platforms and payment systems for users, so that you can buy a variety of goods for the cryptocurrency: from books and electronic gadgets to clothes and tourist equipment.

Our team has already clearly defined the timing of the launch of all services of the future ecosystem, and there are plans for the creation and development of services that are not yet in this list.


Despite the fact that Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies are bought and sold for fiat money constantly, it is often difficult for a person from outside to buy cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrency exchangers on the internet has absolutely no licenses, works on gray schemes and utterly overestimates the exchange rate.

This is known to all and it scares away from the industry a huge number of people who are interested in cryptocurrency, but do not dare to use such gray exchangers. Beemarket exchange is a window into the cryptocurrency world for everyone. No huge fees, completely legal, at the best rates.


If we compare two facts: the growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and the growth in the revenue of trading platforms, the logical success of the future trading platform within the cryptocurrency industry becomes obvious. We are already developing and preparing to launch such a site.

At Beemall, users will be able to experience all the advantages of online trading platforms and at the same time use BeeNode as a mean of payment, not fiat money. The platform acts as a guarantor of a safe transaction between sellers and buyers. When buying, the money is frozen in the buyer's account, and escrow pays them to the seller only after confirmation of receipt of the goods of proper quality.


As in the case of the Beemall trading platform, the payment system beepay organically fits into the modern picture of the world and follows the trends. Tens of millions of people around the world are already using Apple pay and Google pay to shop in supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas, amusement parks, and hundreds of other places.

Cryptocurrency BeeNode has ambitions to become a competitor to fiat money as a full-fledged mean of payment, which means that the ecosystem needs its own payment system that will work with digital money. It is this functionality that will contain BeePay, giving all users of the cryptocurrency the opportunity to conveniently and quickly make a variety of purchases for the crypto currency.