Welcome to the “BeeNode” wallet.
Today, we'll talk about how you can set up and mine BeeNode coins on your computer.
When mining, you use your computer's graphics processing unit (GPU) or central processing unit (CPU). These components are almost 100% loaded and can heat up. That is why you should be careful. Laptops and computers with poor cooling systems shouldn’t be used for mining.
You can launch mining in two ways, depending on the intended use of the BeeNode wallet.
The first method is suitable for continuous mining, when the wallet is turned on all the time.
To use this method, go to the “Tools” menu, “open the wallet configuration file”, or in the folder containing the wallet, open the file beenode.conf. In the configuration file, enter the line “gen=1”. Save this file and restart the wallet. After restarting the wallet, mining will begin.
To check CPU usage, go to Windows “Task Manager” and click the “Performance” tab. On the chat, you will see that the processor is loaded. In the “Tools” menu, select “Debug console”, enter the command “getgenerate” and click “enter”. The next line will display “true” as response, meaning that mining is running at that moment.
To change your CPU usage, you can set a limit on the use of the processor cores. In the configuration file, write "genproclimit=number of used cores" in the next line. Save the file and reload the wallet. When you go back to the debug console and enter the command "getgenerate", you will get "true" as response. This means that mining is enabled, but the CPU usage will change. 
The second mining method is suitable for those cases where you don't want to mine continuously but only at a particular time.
Go to “Debug console”, enter the command “setgenerate true”, you will get an empty string without error.
In Windows Task Manager, go to the "Performance" tab and you will notice that the CPU usage has increased. Enter "setgenerate true" and then a space and then the number of cores to be used. You will see that the CPU usage would change while mining is enabled.
 To turn off mining, close your BeeNode wallet or enter the command “setgenerate false” in the console and click “enter”.
When you open the “Task Manager”, you will see that the processor usage has reduced.
To check whether mining has been disabled, enter the command  “getgenerate”. You will get “false” as a response, which means mining is turned off.
That's all about mining with the BeeNode wallet.
Have a pleasant mining experience!