Welcome to the BeeNode Wallet.
Today we will talk about how to receive/send coins from/to your BeeNode wallet.
First, let's send some coins to your wallet.
To do this, go to the "Receive" tab.
Here you will see optional fields, where you can optionally set various tags. This is mainly for your convenience.
To top up your wallet, select "Request payment". A window will open with the wallet address you want to send the coins to. Click the "Copy Address" button.
Before sending coins, note that if your wallet is encrypted, then the padlock in the lower right corner will be locked. Before sending any payment, you will need to unlock the wallet.
Go to "Settings", select "Unlock Wallet" and enter your passphrase. The padlock in the lower right corner will be opened. This means that your wallet has been unlocked and now you can make a transfer.
Now let's send the coins.
Go to the "Send" tab.
In the "Pay To" field, paste the previously copied address of the wallet where you want to send the coins to. Specify the number of coins you want to send. In the "Label" field, you can specify the name of the transaction to make it easier to find it later in the list of your transactions.
Pay attention to the item at the bottom – "Transaction Fees". We recommend ticking the box "Send as zero-fee transaction if possible". Click send.
In the warning window that opens, you will see the number of coins that will be sent and the commission. Click "Yes".
Your transaction has been created.
Go to the "Transactions" tab. You will see that this transaction you just created has appeared and that its confirmation is pending.
Now you know how to send and receive coins in your BeeNode wallet.
Wishing you a pleasant experience!