Creating a DIP3 masternode

The BeeNode coin network has activated DIP003. This means that all masternode holders need to transfer their masternode to a deterministic mode.
What does that require:
1. Open the cold wallet console
2. Create a new wallet with getnewaddress
3. Make 2 transfers of 1000 BeeNode and 1 BeeNode for this wallet, there must be exactly 2 transfers, you cannot transfer 1001 coins at once.
4. Create 2 bls keys (secret and public) with bls generate command
5. The contents of the "secret" add to the hot wallet in beenode.conf as the string masternodeblsprivkey = {secret key}, we expect full wallet synchronization, this completes the process of setting up the "hot wallet", we return to the "cold wallet"
6. Create another wallet with the getnewaddress command
7. In the console, enter the command: protx register_fund {wallet number to which 1000 BNODE was transferred} {IP address: hot wallet port} {address of the second wallet from item 6} {content "public" from item 4} {address of the second wallet from item 6} 0 {wallet number to which 1000 BNODE was transferred}
8. Having executed the command from clause 7, we will receive a transaction number in response, we do not need it.
9. We are waiting for the network to confirm the transaction from clause 8 and enjoy the appearance of our new masternode in the general list.
Command example:
protx register_fund XrVhS9LogauRJGJu2sHuryjhpuex4RNPSb Xt9AMWaYSz7tR7Uo7gzXA3m4QmeWgrR3rr 93746e8731c57f87f79b3620a7982924e2931717d49540a85864bd543de11c43fb868fd63e501a1db37e19ed59ae6db4 Xt9AMWaYSz7tR7Uo7gzXA3m4QmeWgrR3rr 0 XrVhS9LogauRJGJu2sHuryjhpuex4RNPSb