Cryptocurrencies and cosmopolitanism

Cryptocurrencies and cosmopolitanism

No phenomenon that is actively spreading around the world and causing public outcry can exist without any ideological background. It is very appropriate in this context to compare cryptocurrencies and technology of distributed registers with rock music of the last century. It goes without saying that rock is music, but it also implies a certain ideology, and the world rock stars broadcast their worldview through their immortal hits.

Let's look at how the ideology of cryptocurrencies can bring freedom to the financial life of billions of people, removing them from the yoke of the established and centuries-old emerging banking system, which often protects the interests of corporations and governments, not ordinary people.

Fiat money as an instrument of political will

Residents of China can buy a year no more than 50 thousand US dollars, and when buying will have to wade through a huge number of instances, fill out declarations and put up with bureaucracy. Of course, such measures protect China's financial independence and help China get rid of the need to use foreign currency all the time. However, this often has a negative impact on people who may need dollars for a variety of reasons. This is a manifestation of political will, which does not always have a positive impact on people's lives.

Right now, the UK banking system is reforming the rules for checking customer assets in the country's banks. Even before, it was not easy to open an account in the United Kingdom — it was necessary to overcome a lot of bureaucratic obstacles and pass a strict check on the transparency of assets. Now the difficulties have increased, and added much.

An unwanted official or businessman can block a Bank account in a matter of minutes. The financial instruments we use on a daily basis may be used by third parties to influence us. Of course, this will never affect most people, but this fact already causes discomfort for all freedom-loving people.

Cryptocurrencies are not biased by States or corporations, they do not serve the interests of bankers or politicians, they give people the freedom to dispose of money as they want.

Cryptocurrencies as the embodiment of the freedom spirit

In the middle ages, access to extensive libraries and systematic knowledge was not available to everyone. The fate of people largely depended on the stars: a person had to be very lucky to fate gave him a chance to get a good education. Today, district libraries, myriads of Internet resources and open access to information on the world wide web have corrected this situation.

The Internet embodies the disagreement of society that information is the prerogative of only high-born lords. Everyone can study history, philosophy, natural science and many technical disciplines from his computer without leaving home. You can even get acquainted with the classified documents of the intelligence services of the world powers, looking at resources like WikiLeaks.

This freedom and accessibility in relation to a variety of things now applies to the financial life of people. Cryptocurrencies allow you to make quick and cheap transactions around the world. Cryptocurrency wallets are a public good and a tool for people, not a product that is sold by banks.

BeeNode — a breath of fresh air for the industry

Built around cryptocurrency ecosystem BeeNode and investment fund BeeInvest are not charity projects. Of course, the product implies commercialization. However, the primary objective of the project is to spread the philosophy of financial freedom and to create public tools through which people will gain this financial freedom.

It is very important to understand the difference between real revolutions with the conquest of barricades, calls for anarchism and the thirst for freedom in all aspects of human life, including its financial side. The project BeeNode argues that the use of the cryptocurrency will certainly have all but established a system of Bank monopoly must be overthrown. We only say that an alternative is necessary, and we offer this alternative in the form of several projects that unite into an ecosystem.

Around BeeNode all the necessary infrastructure is building: cryptocurrency exchange BeeMarket for easy entry into the industry and purchase a digital assets, investment Fund BeeInvest for those who want to make money, BeePay payment system for making payments using the cryptocurrency, as well as marketplace BeeMall for purchases of items in various categories.